“An apple a day” doesn’t cut it

by Martha Gresham, Executive Editor
The phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has been industriously circulated for ages by parents, teachers, and even advertisements on TV.  Unfortunately, these sources are withholding the truth.  Recent studies show that “an apple a day” is only about one-fifth of what you truly need on a daily […]

Club beats

by Abram Greenbaum, Entertainment Editor
America is run as a capitalist society, so no matter what career you plan on going into, business will always play a part. The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) strive to get teenagers to recognize the power business has in society.
As a club, FBLA helps out many charities in the […]

ROTC teaches elementary school students about 9/11

by Heather Hirsch, Staff Writer
Members from Central’s ROTC visited Meadowcliff Elementary School on September 8 to give a power point presentation about the terrorist attack that occurred 10 years ago.
“We helped the kids understand what happened on that day, since they were not alive during this time,” sophomore Randi Olivas.
Commander Jordan Morris was in charge […]

Conference expansion will make money, ruin tradition

by Jonathan Thompson, Assistant Sports Editor           
Tradition. Pride. Championships. Three characteristics that describe one of the best football conferences in the nation, the SEC.
College football is on the edge of a major turning point. Many analysts predict that conferences will expand beyond their current 12 and 10-team conferences.
In the middle of […]

My summer at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference

by Tyler Elliott, Fashion Editor

Speaking as a youth correspondent to George Mason University’s Washington Journalism and Media Conference, senior Tyler Elliott introduces NBC television personality Hoda Kotb at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.
Two words that describe my experience this summer at the MSNBC Washington Journalism and Media Conference are LIFE-CHANGING! This conference is […]

GSA Officers 2011-2012

First Lunch
Vice President: Becca Nelsen
Secretary/Activity Coordinator: Kaylynn Tillman
Treasurer: Brett Reed
Second Lunch
Vice President: TBA
Secretary/Activity Coordinator: Kirby Fullerton
Treasurer: Rozena Stewart

Teachers bike to work, reduce carbon footprint

by Caroline Fox, Staff Writer
Photo by John Anderson
Giddy with pro-environmental delight, AP English teacher Matt Foster rides his bike to work to reduce his carbon footprint and save money on gas.
Each person’s commute to and from work adds to the significant amount air pollution.  EAST lab teacher Kirby Shofner and senior English and creative writing […]