New school year, new superintendent: Kurrus creates functional, organized LRSD

On May 6, Baker Kurrus officially became the new superintendent of what he called a “dysfunctional organization,” the Little Rock School District (LRSD). 

by Ethan Dial/Executive Editor

“I came into an organization that was dysfunctional. It didn’t work very well; [there was] a lot of confusion from an organizational management standpoint,” Kurrus said.

Hillary Clinton visits Philander Smith College; students listen to her speak

On September 21, Hillary Clinton visited Philander Smith College. The Democratic Presidential Candidate spoke to community members about plans for her potential presidency, the importance of young people’s votes, and her love for Arkansas. After speaking, she met with supporters, greeting fans, taking selfies, and shaking hands.

Orchestra students excel at All-Region

Congratulations to the following Orchestra students on making the All-Region Orchestras! Eric Meincke earned special recognition by making principal trumpet.

Noah Van Deventer
Greg Johnson
Angela Wang
Miriam Hauer-Jensen
Youngcho Kim
Ina Kim
Quinton Frederic
Sarah Turner
Jenny Zhang
Sidney Hudleson
Peter Mouw

Making alternate were:
Mariah Carter 
Nate Felan

Weekly top ten: Week 2--Senioritis strikes early

by Claire Thompson and Ethan Dial/Executive Editors

Hey! Guess what? We’ve survived over two weeks. That’s right, two whole weeks. As many of us went into the first day with motivation and determination, we lost both of these about 12:57, to enter the second day with only a pencil, a bag of gold fish and a phone charger in hand.

            Have you experienced sleepiness, increased appetite, drowsiness, a never ending phase of grumpiness, loss of your ability to care, and a burning desire to watch Netflix 24/7? If you experience one or more of these symptoms then you might be experiencing early on-set senioritis. This is a nasty virus to kill but here’s some tips to help relieve the pain.

1. You’re not you when you’re hungry. Eat a Snickers!

            No, seriously you might want to carry a party pack of twenty.

2. We’re not here to encourage skipping, but everyone needs a break sometimes.

            Sonic happy hour is from 2-4. We get out at 3:50. And have you tried K-Hall’s lunch specials?

3. Due that day? Do that day.

            Studies show that if you don’t get at least 10 hours of sleep a night then you WILL die sooner than the average person. How are you supposed to get these ten hours of sleep if you have homework? The solution is don’t do the homework.

Weekly Top Ten: Frustrated Freshmen Frantically Search For Answers

by Claire Thompson and Ethan Dial/Executive Editors 

Seniors Claire Thompson and Ethan Dial curiously peek into the abyss of the pit staircase leading to the ground and rooms three and four. (photo by Greer Ripley)

With school back and in full swing, the hallways are crowded, the floors are squeaky, and a large portion of the students are new and afraid. We know being a freshman can be hard, so we’re here to help with the top ten questions we’ve overheard you all asking yourselves in the hallway.

  1. “So, where is room four?”

Ah, yes. Room Four. There’s no room one. There’s no room five.Total Logic. They’re numbered as well as the portables. No worries though, it’s half way down the staircase leading to the pit. You can get to it from first floor north.

     2. “Do you think that we will get to go swim on the fifth floor in P.E. one day?”

Definitely. Only if the swim team’s not practicing though, you’ll have to check with Thomas Heye for their schedule.

     3. “WHAT does it smell like in here?”

One of the mysteries of Central. Or is it just you?

     4. “One of my teachers ALREADY gave us homework.”

Welcome to high school, kid. Get used it now, and get over it.

     5. “I can’t wait to see what’s for lunch today. Is the cafeteria on the third floor?”

Well, you’re in for a surprise! Two bathrooms located on each floor for future reference!

    6. “I heard that homecoming is at Mrs. Rousseau’s temple…”

No. Just no.