by Anna Kumpuris, Executive Editor

As the school year comes to a close, and The Tiger staff says good-bye to our senior staffers, the sophomore and junior staff members are stepping up to fill their places. Next year’s staff positions have been officially announced, and they are as follows:

Executive Editors:

Anna Kumpuris

Martha Gresham

Managing Editors:

Clayton Gentry­­—News Manager

Josh Hammons—Features Manager

Business Manager:

Megan Steely

Circulation Manager:

Keely Dildy

Photography Editor:

Hayden Heverling

Online Editor:

Clayton Gentry

Entertainment Editor:

Abram Greenbaum

Environmental Editor:

Cerah Robinson

Health & Fitness Editors:

Sarah Gammill

Sarah Clarke

Local News Editor:

Courtney Pike

Opinions Editor:

Anna Kumpuris

School News Editor:

Danny Breen

Sports Editor:

James Nunnely

Jonathan Thompson—Assistant

World News Editor:

Anna Parker

Fashion Editor:

Tyler Elliott

Centerspread Editors:

Martha Gresham

Josh Hammons

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