Relay relies on teamwork, trust

Andre Bailey and Terence Jones practice their handcuffs for an upcoming track meet. The Tigers chose to switch up the relay order, requiring extra work from the seasoned runner. 

by Thomas Heye/Sports Editor (photo by Thomas Heye)

For most athletes, track is an individual sport. They will start on their own, run on their own, and finish on their own. On each team however, four athletes are grouped together, the fastest possible combination, in order to compete and win the 4x100 meter and 4x400 meter relays.

Central’s 4x100 meter relay is composed of seniors Winston Heard, Richard Hayes, Joshua Lacey, and sophomore Andre Bradley.

“It’s hard to not get caught up in the hype,” Heard said. “You have to stay focused on the baton and getting the handoff right.”

Legally Blonde production dazzles crowd: breathtaking performances steal show

Star player Anna Grace Estes as Elle Woods evolved from a seemingly dim-witted sterotypical blonde to a smart, indepedent woman. Her evolution was perfectly depicted through colorful costumes, sensational choregraphy and melodic numbers backed by a diverse-chrous.

by Markayla Johnson/Staff Writer (photo courtesy by Thomas Heye)

Anime offers gateway for common interests

Similar to Netflix and Hulu, Crunchyroll is website that offers a wide selection of anime and drama to users who sign up as a regular or premium member. However, since advertisements appear every five or ten minutes for regular members, most people visit various websites for free streaming videos.

by Cameron Thomas/Lifestyle Editor (photo courtesey of  Google Images)

Day in the Life: Yasmine Rahman strives for greatness

Rahman replicates the hands that create her masterpieces and hard work.

by Jada Henry/Staff Writer

Junior Yasmine Rahman walks through the halls each day with a perceptive view of her surroundings. Not only does she see what the average eye does, but her creativity allows for a multidimensional outlook of her surroundings, feeding her artistic spirit.

Musical artists embrace black culture, adds spark to ongoing movement

The controversial performances of both artists Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce, were viewed nationally, their subliminal messages giving mixed emotions among watchers. The responses ranged from shock to pride to even some being offended.

by Simeon Simmons/Master Designer and Taylor Smith/Online Editors

Elliot speaks at Feminist Alliance meeting, inspires students, encourages equality

"Being a femininst doesn't mean anything bad the way you think. It doesn/t mean you hate anybidy, it's just a decision I made for myself because I want to be equal to everybody else," Senator Joyce Elliot said. "It also means that I think that you should get to be equal as well. What is wrong with that?...It's about your equality too.

by Melissa Joiner/Features Editor and Paige Robinson/Voices Editor

High schools struggle with serious sports injuries

Jack Gardner fractured his knee during a Tiger soccer practice. 

by Emma Figarsky/Staff Writer

            “I thought the coaches would be disappointed in me and I was letting them down,” junior Chase Stewart said.

            That, along with “I just wanted to get back in the game,” are things that researchers hear all too often. They hear this especially when working 

with players who have sports related concussions.

            According to a research group, Safe Kids Worldwide, every 25 seconds a kid is taken to the ER for a sports injury. In a survey they conducted, they found that 42 percent of kids said they have downplayed a serious injury, and on top of that, 53 percent of coaches have felt pressured to put the kid back in the game.

            Junior Robert Deloch was playing football at a team camp this past summer where he tore his anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL.

           “I had to avoid a tackle from a couple of people,” Robert said. “I planted my foot in the ground to make a cut, but my knee wasn’t bent.”