By Alex Paslidis, J1 Writer

Ay, we’re technically savvy, mate, but we’ve lost all means to communicate.  After all the technological advances that have been made, one might assume that humans would be able to communicate better.  The question is: Do we?

“I hardly ever like talk to people on the phone anymore,” junior Angelica Kinget said.  “Texting is just faster and easier to do.”

But is the easy way the better way?  Some think the increase in technology is taking a toll on student’s social lives.

“I rarely see kids actually talking face-to-face,” concerned parent Laura Anderson said.  “It’s really quite sad.  I don’t think kids know how to talk the way they used to.”

For some, however, texting and “facebooking” are chances to overcome shyness and get to know people.

“I don’t really talk all that much at school,” junior Pouya Persian said.  “I prefer texting and facebook messaging people.  It just takes the awkwardness out of the conversation.”

The awkwardness Pouya talked about may be a necessary part of learning how to converse, though.

“I used to be a facebook-aholic,” junior Adiba Matin said, laughing.  “But then I went for this job interview and hardly knew what to say.  That is when I realized what all this technology has done to us.  I deleted my facebook several weeks ago and haven’t been on since.”

Others have come to their own realizations, like Adiba, and have followed suit.

“My friends and I would even text when we were in the same room,” senior Kaitlyn DeRousseau said.  “After awhile, I just said for us to stop.  It’s stupid how we can just waste our time like that.  I now try to limit myself to 400 texts per week.”

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