By Audrey Jaquiss and Matt Sherman, Staff Writers

It’s the way you carry yourself, it’s the way you walk. It’s the way you dress, and it’s the way you act. It’s your swagger, swag for short, and it defines Undefeated Flows, a rap group at Central.

“The whole group is about swag; that’s what we rap about,” junior Sidney Moore said.

The group consists of Sidney, junior Justin McNeely, junior Fred Moore and two other members who attend different schools.  They all began rapping at young ages, starting as early as 9, and met through family ties.  Each of their names are displayed on the similar chains they wear.

“We have our own rapper identities,” Sidney said. “I am Kid Swag, Fred is Fred Moe, and Justin is J-Money.”

Each member has a different taste in hip-hop. Sidney’s main inspirations are Kanye West and P. Diddy, Fred’s are Lil Wayne and Pimp C, and Justin’s is Ludacris. Despite their differing idols, they come together to write music.

“I like their music because they made a song with one of my friend’s groups, the Skewl Boys,” sophomore Danny Lewis said.

For every song, members contribute to the overall essence of swag. They all provide different parts of the song and collaborate their ideas. The group believes they know the formula for success.

“To be a good rapper, you need to have confidence, dedication and hard work,” Justin said.

Besides rapping about swag, they try to focus their songs on emotions they feel, reality and the “good life” (which to them is making good grades).

Their main song, “Check My Swag,” has hit the hallways of Central. In addition, it has played on Power 92 Jams, a local hip-hop radio station, and was requested quite often.

“They’re a talented group of guys,” junior Chuwukere Ekeh said. “They’re going to do great things.”

They record their songs at Pure Sounds, M3 Studios and Joker Studios. They have a few coming shows around Little Rock. On Nov. 21, they performed at a Central party. On the Nov. 28 they are performing at the Metroplex and on Dec. 5 they are set to perform at the Autozone on Barrow Road.

“They go hard,” junior Russell Penn said. “It’s jumpin’ at their concerts.”

Even though they love rapping, none of the members plan to become professional rappers when they grow up. Sidney wants to attend Morehouse College in Atlanta, Justin wants to attend Full Sail University in Atlanta and become an engineer; and Fred also wants to attend Full Sail University and become a producer.

Perhaps what makes their group so “tight” is the metaphorical brotherhood that they share. Their close friendship makes rapping fun and easier to work together. They are all smiles and jokes when together, and kid around with slang words unique to their group, like “B.A.N.”

“B.A.N is our term for haters, and we call ourselves brothers,” Justin said. “And we actually consider ourselves brothers.”

For the girls whose hearts throb for the dreamy members, there is good news. They are all single and each is looking for a pretty lady.

Check them out on their Facebook page, called Undefeated Flows. They have more than 1,300 fans, and the numbers are growing.

“They’re off the chain,” junior Cooper Lumpkin said.

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