By Lucy Richardson, Staff Writer

It’s hard to tackle major issues like violence, but a recently established event is trying to do just that.

GLO-PAR is a global day of peace and reconciliation and, fittingly, stands for Global Peace and Reconciliation. The first GLO-PAR day was Jan. 1, 2009, and the founder plans for it to be held annually on New Year’s Day.

Grace Blagdon, the mastermind behind GLO-PAR, is excited to spread its message to people everywhere.

“At midnight on Jan. 1, 2009, we encouraged everyone to share in one minute of silence for world peace and reconciliation in hopes of rippling one minute of silence into a full day of non-violence,” Blagdon said about the first GLO-PAR day.

Last year, the initiative saw results.

“There were no homicides [on Jan. 1] last year, but there was some violence,” Blagdon said. “So that’s what we want to work on.”

This year, she launched a poster contest for students to honor non-violence, in conjunction with GLO-PAR. It started on Nov. 16 and will end on Jan. 5.

The contest is divided into three divisions: kindergarten through fifth grade, sixth grade through eighth grade and ninth grade through 12th grade. The contest is statewide, and students will judge the posters and pick one winner per division.

The posters must be 11 inches by 17 or 18 inches. Students can only use crayons, watercolor, poster paint, markers and ink.

In addition, GLO-PAR’s slogan, “Ripple One Minute Of Silence Into One Full Day Of Non-Violence” must be on the poster. The artwork should connect to this theme, and all artwork and lettering must be original.

Students must secure a completed entry form to the back of each poster. Students can pick up an entry form and the list of complete guidelines in Room 101.

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