Friends, Family Reminisce On Life of Beloved Teacher

Joy Thompson will be deeply missed by her students, family and friends.

Joy Thompson will be deeply missed by her students, family and friends.

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Former Central teacher Joy Thompson died on Mar. 19, 2019. Those who knew her considered her witty, sociable and the life of every party.

Thompson had many close friendships that she cherished; from high school classmates to college buddies, faculty members, former students and so many others. Joy was known to keep up with all of her friendships, as she paid attention to her friends’ Facebook accounts until the day she passed away.

Thompson was also interested in sports, as she often watched her family members Hunter Benson and Claire Tucker play tennis. They called her their biggest fan. It was said that she was the biggest Central Tiger fan on the Earth! She also supported the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Dallas Cowboys.

Many described Thompson as a selfless person, as she was happy to give her time to help her students learn and become better people. She allowed students to eat in her room at lunch and interacted with students there. She sparked joy in learning, and many students told her that they didn’t like school until they had her as a teacher. She even helped many students that were not her own.

Thompson will be missed by many, especially her great-nephews and nieces, whom she was said to have been wild about. She was a beloved Central teacher, and she will truly be missed, not just by family, but by all who had the opportunity to get to know her.

had the opportunity to get to know her

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