• October 16th - Professional Development, Students Out

  • October 13th - Parent Conferences, Students Out

  • October 7th - SAT Test

  • September 26th - College Night 6-8 at the Metroplex

  • September 21st - Open House

  • September 25th - Integration of Little Rock Central Commemoration

2017-2018 Staff

Jacob Major: Executive Assistant
Ethan Ebenezer: Staff Writer
Molly English: Assistant Business Manager/Staff Writer
Jessie Bates: Staff Writer
Emily Low: Staff Writer
Eli Evans: Staff Writer
Henry Fendley: Staff Writer
Tristam Thompson: Staff Writer
Ian Heye: Staff Writer
Nico Heye: Staff Writer
Caleb Dallimore: Staff Writer
Annalise Novicky: Staff Writer
Amy Schexnayder: Business Manager
Annie Knight: Executive Editor
Mary Silzer: Features Editor
Rebekah Harpool: Voices Editor
Aashna Farishta: Voices Editor
Annie Simon: Lifestyle Editor
Sydney Gastman: Lifestyle Editor
Gage Maris: Assistant Sports Editor
Shelby Pederson: Staff Writer
Lola Simmons: School News Editor
Fran Delacey : Online Editor
Lila Dell Leveritt: School News Editor
sports editor

Aidan Massanelli

Lauren Berry: Executive Editor
Sophie Ryall: Design Editor
Cate Hollingsworth: Design Editor
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