Eye Of The Tiger: Forgotten Flu Shots


Amy Schexnayder, staff writer

It’s that time of year again. The sneezing, coughing, and blowing of noses has begun. Teachers give you the friendly yet forceful reminder to always wash your hands and to cover your mouth. Signs are up all around the school showing pictures of germs and giving tips about how to stay healthy. The seasonal flu fright is striking once more.

In effort to combat this flu fright, flu shots were recently offered to all Central students through a program funded by the Arkansas Department of Health. Students had to get forms signed by their parent and fill out a brief form on medical their medical history and insurance status. Students were then called to go to the auditorium by their last name to receive their flu shot.

The process was flawless except for one error; many students did not know about the opportunity to receive a free flu shot. Most students feel that it was just not well-advertised throughout the school.

For some students, flu shots offered by the school are the only opportunity they will have to receive a flu shot. Any student who is uninsured would have to pay for the shot out of pocket, which some students cannot afford. If they can’t afford this and they miss the sign up at school, they are simply out of luck.

The flu shots were mentioned on the morning and afternoon announcements, as well as advertised through the health department by a text message blast to Central parents. Despite these efforts, many students still missed the opportunity because they did not know where to pick up forms or perhaps just never heard the announcement.

This is not necessarily to be blamed on the nurse or school administration for lack of advertisement, but it should be revised so next year it can include more students. Perhaps forms should be passed out in all English classes to make sure that everyone is at least informed of it. This would prevent any students from not hearing about the opportunity, and therefore allow every student an equal opportunity to get vaccinated.