Homecoming Plans Cause Headaches


illustration by Jada Henry

In a hitch: Students often find that the fun of homecoming is reduced by the stress that comes with planning for it.

Annie Simon, staff writer

Twice a year students struggle to make plans to go to Homecoming. The issue of who to go to Homecoming with can change the whole experience. It’s more fun when you go in big groups, but that never goes as planned. On the other hand, going with a few people can be just as bad, because it may begin to get awkward. I have decided that the more people in your group, the less awkward you feel and look.

Once groups are made, the perfect dress has to be picked. Most dress options either look ridiculous or have a ridiculous price. The dresses that aren’t ridiculous get picked really fast, and with few store options, finding a dress can cause real problems. Many people procrastinate, causing a huge pre-Homecoming rush.

After this, reservations for dinner have to be made. Though it may seem easy, if you are worried about price or are in a big group, it gets harder to decide. With often conflicting opinions, a leader has to step up and decide what is best for the group, and because no one wants to pay $20 for their dinner, the group has to check each restaurant for prices and food options, which becomes time-consuming.

Getting homecoming tickets at school can take forever. Since tickets are only sold at lunch, the second the bell rings the line is really long, and some people think it’s OKAY to cut in the line instead of waiting their turn.

Getting ready is the most exhaustive process of homecoming. It can take up your whole day, and once homecoming starts, you forget all about how your eyeliner looks or whether your hair stayed straight.

Once you get to Homecoming, the thought occurs that someone may be wearing the same dress that took you forever to find, and pretty soon, after the dancing has started, your feet start to hurt, so you have to decide whether to take your shoes off or not. As soon as you do there is no going back, and you never know if someone is going to steal your stuff from the coatroom.

After homecoming ends, the flawless Instagram picture has to be picked. You don’t want to have the same one as someone else, but it can be hard to find one where everyone looks good. Even when the picture is picked, a caption has to be chosen. You never want to be too basic, but there is only so much you can come up with.

Though there are many “horrors of Homecoming”, it is always fun no matter how the plans turned out, or if you had the same dress as someone else, and all of these things really don’t matter when you are having fun with your friends.