Cleansing The Curse Of Room 101


photo by Lauren Berry

Has bad karma plagued the Tiger staff or has superstition taken control? Junior Aidan Massanelli participates in the cleansing led by Lila Dell Leveritt.

Lily Jones, executive editor

For the past two months, bad things have happened in Room 101 on the 9 day of each month. In November, our printer stopped working and our money bag was stolen. In December, people left class with out permission, our second issue had a few typos, and our printer, the Saline Courier double stuffed numerous issues.

Alas! We had a solution in our own classroom.

One of our very own staffers offered to cleanse our room of the bad energy. The solution included sitting in a circle, covered with shawls, and casting spells over acorns to be planted in the forest. The Witches’ Almanac ensured that this would then transfer our negative energy that is causing these misfortunes to the forest and away from the room.

The actual cleansing was sort of anti-climatic. A pentagram was drawn on the floor, with different elements, like a candle and peacock feather put into each of the star’s points to signify nature’s role in our energies. The staff sat in a circle, with Lila Dell Leveritt in the middle. While she was in the middle, she whispered Wiccan spells, circling her homemade wand around the circle. The staff was encouraged to reflect on stressors in their lives, while the acorns took these stressors away.

Since the acorns were taken from the classroom, our problems and tribulations should dissipate, too. Has the cleansing worked? Stay tuned to Room 101 on March 9.