Meet The Junior With Horoscope Hysteria


photo by Annie Simon

Junior Chloe Cunningham found her passion for astrology through social media, and now uses her knowledge in the area to help others find out more about themselves.

Jada Henry, executive editor

For many teenagers astrology only goes to the extent of magazine and Twitter horoscopes, though for junior Chloe Cunningham her sign goes beyond the stars and incorporates both the sun and the moon.

Like many people her age she initially was exposed to astrology via social media platforms like Tumblr where horoscopes ranged from lighthearted broad readings to in depth analyses of one’s lifestyle. The recent mass interest in zodiac signs and astrology amongst millennials has led skeptics to even sneak a peek into this hobby.

“I kept seeing all these posts and it led me to [different] blogs dedicated to astrology and I became so intrigued,” Chloe said.

This is where she extensively learned about her “sun” sign and transformed from a typical skeptic to an avid horoscope reader.

“The one thing that everyone associates with astrology is their sun sign. This is when you find out if you’re a Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra, etc. The sun rules your general personality and ego,” Chloe said.

Although your sun marks the basics of your zodiac sign, the moon is the most important according to Chloe. Dealing primarily with your emotions and other important planets like Venus (ruler of beauty and attraction) and Mars (controller of anger and passion) these factors dictate expression and general personality traits.

“I know that for me my placements have a lot of influence on me as a person. I’m an Aquarius with a Gemini moon, I don’t identify largely with my Aquarius sun as much as I do with my moon sign, but I know that it’s too true for me as an individual to not believe in it,” Chloe continued.

Many of Chloe’s friends are also Gemini moons, which she believes has allowed them to connect on an emotional level and have a better understanding of one another in terms of friendship.

The complexities of zodiac signs beyond the basics such as looking at houses and the aspects between planets keeps Chloe interested in astrology continuously. A rising is a sign of your first house in which your rising sign rules your general appearance, first impressions and your interpretations of new situations.

“I have still yet to find out if I am who I am because of my placements (astrological dispositions) or if it’s just a way to understand who I am as a person,” Chloe said.

I was lucky enough to find about my own placements through Chloe. I learned that I have a Gemini rising, sun in Aries and moon in Leo. Having a Gemini rising means that I could be a talkative with first meetings and easily adapt to new surroundings.

“You have Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Taurus. The sun rules your general personality and ego, which is the zodiac you hear about all the time. Being an Aries means you could be athletic, but also just really like being active,” Chloe said. “Competitiveness, independence and a big personality could be apart of you as well.”

My Leo moon (moon being in charge of general emotions and the mind) is a fire sign just like Aries. It suggests that I have much self-confidence, can be a bit stubborn or vain though enjoys the center of attention.

“Mars rules your anger and passion. Mars Scorpio is really intense placement. When someone wrongs you, you can become vindictive and occasionally petty,” she said. In conclusion my strong emotions can display stuff like intense anger. In contrast, Venus (the planet of love and attraction) reveals that most with my sign can be selfish and attracted to materialistic things and people and probably don’t fall in love often, but when we do its “deep and strong”.

Many peers would label her as an expert, but it’s clear that she also has a long way to go to get a complete understanding of her and the different perspectives within the practice of astrology.