Dodgeball Brings Out ‘True’ Student Athletes

Lauren Berry, sports editor

After a letdown this year when principal Nancy Rousseau told a group of four juniors that they couldn’t start an official dodge ball club, these juniors, Theresa Thomas, Casey Epps, Will Thompson, and Carter Rideout, dodged that rule and have taken matters into their own hands.

They held their first meeting on Sunday, March 12, at a classified location kept secret from seniors, in an attempt to limit participation to juniors only. The meeting consisted of three games of dodge ball and pizza.

They played on the basketball court after Rideout drew a line with his own chalk. They used 4square balls and whistles from Wal-mart to destroy each other in the name of fun.

The game goes like this: two of the founders will be team captains, and they will pick teams from the people who show up on that particular day. It’s a low commitment club, and the goal is to just have a good time with friends.

“I’m not an athlete, but I felt called to play this sport. It helps me achieve who I want to be and who I feel like I’m meant to be, while obliterating people with my awesome dodge ball skills,” Rideout said.

photo courtesy of Theresa Thomas
The Dodgeball Council-juniors Will Thompson, Theresa Thomas, Carter Rideout, and Casey Epps- enjoys their time at their first dodgeball meeting.

This group of juniors bonded their sophomore year over a questionable biology experience due to shared emotions toward their teacher. They’re a very diverse group, each having their own friend groups, but dodge ball club brings them together.

While they are accepting of all juniors, juniors are the only people they accept. They jokingly claim to charge $1 for admission but $20 for seniors (but seniors aren’t actually allowed at all).

Although it is not a AAA recognized sport, The Dodge Ball Council™ is going to continue to push for it to become an official club recognized by Central.

“Dodge ball is the best class I’ve ever taken. Is it my life? Probably. Am I upset about that? Not one bit,” Epps said.