Spring Break Brings Opportunities To Go Exploring


illustration by Fran Delacey

Arkansas is full of trails and fun places to explore. If you’re not traveling this spring break, make it a priority to get to know this Natural State.

Rebekah Harpool, staff writer

Spring break is so close I can almost taste it and I can’t think of anything better. Whether you’re headed on a big trip or spending the week sleeping, I think it’s safe to say that most students are extremely excited for an entire week off of school.

Along with that, the weather is supposed to warm up, so it will actually begin to feel like spring. After a long, rainy winter, a spring season full of sun sounds like the best thing for our beautiful state.

Netflix can be very captivating, but take this week as an opportunity to explore your city or even Arkansas as a whole. The Natural State is known for its hidden beauties, secluded restaurants, and coffee shops. Do some research. Find a restaurant you’ve never been to. Explore downtown and try new food. Visit museums in Little Rock you’ve never heard of. Hike Pinnacle Mountain or explore the trails surrounding it. Try your hand at photography and attempt to capture the beautiful scenery. Bring a group of friends and make a day out of it.

It’s really easy to get stuck in the mundane rhythm of everyday life. But breaks like this are a good reminder that the world is meant to be discovered, and that there are always new things to find and explore, even in your hometown. Arkansas is full of beautiful rivers, lakes, mountains, and cities that all have something to offer. Even the smallest towns in Arkansas have their appeal. Bentonville, about three and half hours away, holds the Crystal Bridges Museum, displaying all kinds of art. Magnolia, less than 45 minutes outside of Little Rock, has large flea markets full of antiques, and several locally-owned coffee shops and bakeries. It’s perfect for a day trip of shopping and eating. Fayetteville holds the University of Arkansas campus, which offers tours, and a number of unique, locally-owned restaurants. It also holds a unique downtown area with good food. The Dixon Street Bookstore holds hundreds of used books that line every wall and make the store feel cozy.

If you’re not up for any sort of drive, the Heights and Hillcrest area of Little Rock have lots to offer. The two neighborhoods are close together and both offer unique experiences and foods. LePops offers gourmet popsicles everyday of the week, aside from Monday and the Heights Tacos and Tamales offers delicious tamales and a fun atmosphere. Small businesses line both sections of Kavanaugh and display captivating shop windows. Most Saturdays, Hillcrest offers a Farmers Market in front of Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, offering coffee, flowers, baked goods, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Regardless of your tastes, or what you’re into, anyone can find places to explore in their town or state. We all just have to branch outside of our comfort zones and explore new places and search for new things. We have a week off, and I think it would be good for all of us to take advantage of it.