The Crippling Disease That Is Senioritis

Nobody Is Safe


Lily Jones, executive editor

As the days inch closer to graduation on May 25 my motivation for anything high school related plummets.

I decided on a college in September, got the first news of scholarships in February, and the final scholarships in April. Ever since the money has started rolling in, my motivation has gone down hill.

Once a motivated student, B’s and C’s on edline now no longer bother me. My focus has shifted to better things like Netflix and naps. I no longer do my homework at home, and if I do it I copy from Slader. I don’t know when the last time I actually touched a textbook was, and I have become infinitely more familiar with Sparknotes than the table of contents in my English books.

I worked hard for three years in high school before this, and deserve a mental break until college starts. I would hate to start my college career still tired from high school. My college GPA will be very important for getting into graduate schools but now a break and possibly a slip in my GPA will not really matter.

Really, I’m procrastinating now, but that won’t matter in the future. I’m really doing this to help me.