Students Make International Summer Plans


illustration by Louisa Utley

Central students will travel to Canada, Guatemala, France, England and Italy this summer.

Louisa Utley, staff writer

For some, summer vacation means popsicles and pool time. For others, summer is a time of adventuring and exploring. This summer, Central students are traveling the globe, from The magical world of Harry Potter to Guatemala.

Junior Molly English is heading to Guatemala in June for one month on an internship with Fellowship Bible Church. She will spend two weeks traveling all around the country, learning about the different cultures, as well as two weeks in Antigua.

“We live with a family (in Guatemala) and help with mission trips,” Molly said. “We met the family last summer. They just moved to Little Rock to start a church but they are going back to Guatemala over the summer.”

Molly has previously been to Guatemala with her church but she is excited to return.

“I enjoyed the trip last summer so I wanted to go again,” she said.

Senior Lydia Headley is planning a trip to Toronto Canada with her family for a week.

“I’m most excited about seeing family and having access to a lot of the products that are difficult to find (in America) or are not sold at all,” Lydia said.

Senior Mary Peak is traveling all around the world with her close family and friends. She will first spend 10 days in Nova Scotia (CA) before heading across the ocean for a ten-day long trip across Europe, making stops in London, Paris, and Rome.

“I’m excited to be spending time with my friends and being able to go adventuring,” Mary said. “I’m also excited to learn about the history (of the different cities).”

Although she is thrilled to visit all of the destinations, Mary is the most excited to see the United Kingdom.

“I’m probably most excited to see the UK because I get to go the Harry Potter studios. I love Harry Potter!” Mary said.

From Central America to France, students are sure to have a great time over the summer while traveling around the world.