Revamped central website brings it’s A-game

Rebekah Harpool, staff writer

In its very essence, Central is rooted in the past. The history and culture that surrounds Central defines it and is part of the beauty that it holds.

However, Central is being revamped in an exciting way. Its new website was recently launched and it is modern, smart, and beautiful.

The previous website was useful, but the new website adds looks to utility. The front page features a moving slideshow featuring photos of Central sports, and as the page moves down it has the most current Central events with links that give information about each event. It includes a bell schedule and many helpful links for parents and students.

Moving beyond the front page, there is a “to-the-point” list of links that will take the viewer to the individual page for clubs and other informational pages.

The new website combines style with accessibility, and it is sure to draw attention from Central parents students, and other member of the district. It was developed by a group of students and teachers who wanted to make the Central website more current, accessible, and useful.

This website renewal project was led by CBA teacher Alesha Withers. She, along with former students who are monitors for her classroom, designed and created this new spin on the Central website.

This fresh start is exactly what the Central website needed, and the hope is that it will be useful and draw attention to this beautiful school.

It is incredible to have a staff that is so goal-oriented, student-focused, and attentive to the needs of the school. Thanks to everyone who makes the every day activity of this school happen.