Central Students Hold DACA Protest

Students stand proud with their signs to protest the President’s decision to dismantle DACA, a program that helps hundreds of thousands of undocumented children.

Fran Delacey, Online Editor

On Friday September 8th, 2017, students protested outside of Central against the President’s decision to end DACA. DACA is a program that affects around 800,000 immigrants across the country. Without DACA, these children and students face deportation.

Students protest the President’s decision to end DACA. Students organized quickly after Donald Trump’s halt of the program.

A student holds a sign that reads “it’s 1957 again.” The sign in is reference to Central’s strong history, and stating that ending DACA is similar to segregation of schools and racism.

At a rally in front of Central, students gather before school to protest Donald Trump’s halt to DACA. Many of the students are Dreamers, and are scared that they will be deported.