Students Give Advice to Freshman


Ian Heye

Ian Heye, Staff Writer

As the 2017-2018 school year begins, freshmen are trying to start their high school career off successfully. This includes trying to make new friends, running from class to class to be on time, and studying for every quiz and test. We here at The Tiger decided to ask the upperclassmen for the best advice they could give the freshmen.

Most freshmen see one of two things: either a hallway full of strangers or a hallway full of old friends. Freshmen worry about being well-liked by all students and teachers. Luckily for them, senior Hannah Wells knows how to do this.

“Become friends with people you wouldn’t normally be friends with; don’t stick with one group of friends, it pays off to meet new people,” Hannah said. “Make sure your teachers love you, because if you develop a bad reputation with teachers, it will follow you every year.”

Friends are always nice to have, but some students prefer to work on having good grades before trying to make friends. High school can be a big step up from the work load of middle school, and sophomore Shuanthony Clayton knows the truth about performing well in high school.

“Keep faith in yourself and pray that everything will be okay,” said Clayton. “My freshman year I was nervous, but I focused on my work and ended with a good a GPA.”

Most students are always trying their best to maintain a good academic resume, which means having good grades and attendance. Tardies not only include school-related consequences, such as in-school suspension or detention, but the loss valuable class time.

“Try your absolute best to not be late to your classes,” sophomore Ishan Pandy said. “Not only do you miss important learning, but [if late], Central is more strict when it comes to tardies.”

As easy as it may sound to be on time to class, every student knows that this is easier said than done; the hallways are just as crammed as the freeway at 4 o’clock. Crowded hallways can make arriving on time difficult, but junior Evan Hankins-Hull knows how to reduce the traffic.

“Don’t stop in the hallways,” Evan said. “Everyone has somewhere to be, and if you do stop you’ll be pushed around, making it harder to be on time.”

Sophomore year is a big step up from freshmen year; classes become more difficult, and AP classes become an option. According to senior Kyonna Harris, the key to preparing for a good sophomore year is to create a solid foundation freshmen year.

“Listen to the advice your teachers give you,” Kyonna said. “Your sophomore year serves as a wakeup call, and the advice your teachers give you make your year easier.”

High school is a challenge, but it’s possible to survive. It’s important to start the marathon of high school on the right foot, so if you do trip and stumble, it’s possible to still finish strong. If as, a freshmen, do your best to follow this advice, you can have an amazing high school experience.