He’s the Mann: Aaron Mann Commits to Drury


Senior Aaron Mann

Nico Heye, Staff Writer

Babe Ruth led in Runners Batted In (RBIs) and home runs when he played in the league, much like Aaron

Mann, leading by hitting the most season doubles in Arkansas history.

“Aaron is extremely and intrinsically motivated. You don’t have to push him; he’s going to go in and maximize his time,” Coach Rusty Passini said. “He leaves to continue working on his own time”.

Mann has committed to Drury University in Springfield Missouri. Last season, Mann pitched 41 innings and 700 pitches. Drury is receiving the new record holder in Arkansas for most doubles ever hit in a single season. The college became interested in him after attending a tournament in which Mann was very successful in his pitching.

“After the tournament, they offered me an unofficial visit, and on the trip they offered me a scholarship,” Mann said.

Aaron’s first choice was Drury above the others, including the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Crowder, Trindy, and Dallas Baptist.

“I was excited when they offered me a scholarship during my tour, but I was more excited to sign because it was on my birthday,” Mann said.

Although the baseball season is months away, Mann’s training hasn’t slowed down. He still trains 30 hours every week. Mann is clearly a team player and player to look out for in the 2017 Tiger baseball season.