Chinese Club Offers Students Fun, Exciting Ways to Experience Asian Culture


The Latin dance club dances for the 80 Bites Around the World performance after the food, which was brought from the many different cultural clubs, was served (Photo courtesy of Michelle Chiu).

Chinese Club is involved in lots of fun and exciting events; they recently took part in World Fest, which is a festival that many schools and clubs take place in. Chinese Club members present fun topics related to Asian culture and compete for awards. For example, students may explain the story behind the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, or about the Mid-Autumn festival that revolves around giving thanks to the harvest.

“Going to events such as World Fest and Lantern Festival are ways in which we connect our community and Chinese culture,” senior and Chinese club co-president Annabeth Hall said.

One of the other large events that Chinese Club takes part in is 80 Bites Around the World, Chinese students make traditional dishes that are brought to 80 Bites along with many other clubs that take part in the event.

“The food was delicious and was from a variety of cultures,” junior Sarah Shirley said.

Chinese Club members have the opportunity to perform different things that are a part of Asian culture. Students choose to learn dances that go with popular Korean pop songs, learn songs, or recite popular Chinese poetry. In the past, Chinese Club has facilitated fashion shows that feature students wearing traditional Asian clothing.

80 Bites Around the World is a free night of food, education, song, and dance. The various cultural clubs of Central donate food, talent, and volunteers to the night to make it such a success,” senior and Chinese club co-president Michael Fang said. “It is open to the public and is a night for each club to teach other clubs and the community about the unique culture they are representing.”

The involvement in school events is not the only thing appealing about Chinese Club. It offers fun ways to meet new friends and gain interesting experiences.

“Chinese Club is a place where Chinese people and those interested in Chinese or Asian culture can get together to learn, eat, and have fun,” junior Jenny Zhang said.