Interfaith Thanksgiving Promotes Peace, Cultivates Communion


The spread of food included a multitude of dishes; there were traditional Thanksgiving dishes like turkey, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce, but there was also food from other cultures including falafel with hummus, an Ethiopian rice dish, and Persian rice and noodles called Reshteh Polow. And of course, dessert included an array of pies, from sweet potato to pecan. (photo by Sydney Gastman)

Interfaith events never fail to leave me feeling wholesome and inspired, with lots of hope for a peaceful future. Full of good food and good company, the sixth annual Interfaith Thanksgiving was no different.

The Interfaith Thanksgiving was held Wednesday, Nov. 15 downtown at Curran Hall, which is a space that radiates a homey, relaxed atmosphere–perfect for the informal community gathering. The Multi-faith Youth Group (which I am a part of) opened the event with the Universal Prayer, a prayer for peace and harmony. We then went straight for the food, which included an impressive spread of Thanksgiving-inspired dishes from various cultures.

Although I was one of only three teenagers at the event, the adults were so friendly and welcoming. I sat among people of all different faiths, from Muslim to B’hai to Christian to Buddhist. As I scarfed down heaps of falafel and retrieved my third serving of a delicious date-filled Persian rice dish, those who prepared the dishes took turns explaining the cultural significance of what they brought. It was clear that they had put a lot of thought and love into the food, making the dinner all the more meaningful.

The night was short and sweet, and it filled me with positive energy. It’s so refreshing to see people from such contrasting backgrounds come together to engage in communion. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to attend all kinds of interfaith gatherings and services through my membership in the Multi-faith Youth Group.


The Multi-faith Youth Group is available to high school students of any faith. If you’re interested in joining or learning more about it, contact [email protected].