Valentines Day Dates Ideas Great for Every Relationship, Budget


(Photo courtesy of Good Housekeeping)

With Valentine’s Day arriving quickly, some  teens are struggling to find a date and figure out a fun way to spend V-day without breaking their bank account. Luckily, Little Rock offers many fun experiences to enjoy with your significant other or maybe just a group of friends. Date ideas have been separated based on price range so you can pick an idea best suited for your wallet.


Arkansas State Capitol

The State Capital building is an enormous structure that has been standing since 1899. It would be worth a visit just to gaze at the beautiful architecture. As a bonus, the Capital would be an excellent venue to snap a few photos with your date. Tours of the inside are free and the capital itself is only a short drive from Central.


Heifer International Headquarters

Heifer International is an organization that works to feed and educate families using farm animals around the world. Their headquarters are located in the River Market District. Heifer Village is an interactive museum area where visitors can learn about world hunger and poverty. A very recent addition to the Village is the urban farm behind the complex. The farm features a number of real farm animals such as llamas, geese, and pigs. Many of the animals can be petted in the petting zoo area.


If you and your bae are looking to have some bonding time while giving back to the community, volunteering is a great option. There are a number of nonprofit organizations that allow high school-aged kids to volunteer. Care for Animals and Lucie’s Place are two organizations that are often in need to teenage volunteers.

$4- The Lion King

The Ron Robinson Theater is a new performance space connected to the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS). The theater will be offering $2 tickets to watch The Lion King on the big screen. Also at the theater is a snack bar with food that you can enjoy while watching the Disney classic film.

$10- Stay in

If one of you already has a Netflix account or other streaming service, it’s always a good option to stay indoors and cuddle up while watching a funny movie. Beforehand, make a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up good movie snacks, like popcorn, or maybe even pre-made cookie dough to bake while watching the movie.

$20-Thrift Shopping

Going shopping is almost always a fun adventure if you’re with someone you’re close to. Thrift shopping is something that you and your boo can enjoy together without spending much money. Take a trip to your local Goodwill and challenge each other to find the best outfit while having a spending limit for each outfit.

$30- Little Rock Zoo

For less than $30 total, a pair can enjoy hours of fun and activities at the Little Rock Zoo. The are always new animals and exhibits available for viewing. The penguins and a rhinoceros are just some of the new arrivals. There is no way you could be bored if you take a trip to the zoo together.

No matter your budget, there are plenty of ways to have a good time with your date on Valentines Day. Even without a date, many of these activities would be equally enjoyable with a friend.