Olympics Brings World Together, Athletes Impress Spectators


The Olympics are a special occasion that tend to bring the whole world together like nothing else. For two weeks, conflicts are forgotten in the minds of the public as countries and individuals battle it out in friendly competition, and it’s streamed into living rooms around the world. Here are some of the unforgettable moments from this year’s Winter Olympics hosted in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

1. Ester Ledecka’s Double Gold

This snowboarder from the Czech Republic owned the snow as she took home gold in both snowboarding and Alpine Skiing, a new hobby of hers. She took up competitive skiing this year and ended up winning the gold by .01 seconds in a complete upset. She became the first woman ever to take home the gold in two different events in the winter olympics.

2. Chloe Kim’s back-to-back 1080s

This 17 year-old Korean-American launched out of a halfpipe and into the hearts of Americans as she took home the gold after successfully completing back-to-back 1080s. She also has the best twitter of any olympian. Check it out at @chloekimsnow.

3. Red Gerrad’s Relatable Morning

Jet lag got the best of this high school senior as he overslept on the morning of the slopestyle competition, lost his coat, and went into his third run ranked 11th out of 12 finalists. He killed his third run and came back to win the gold, making him the youngest American man to win a gold medal at the winter olympics since 1928, and he did it all with bedhead.

4. Shaun White’s Epic Comeback

Long-time olympic snowboarder Shaun White had a heartbreaking incident at the 2014 olympics in Sochi where he fell on the halfpipe and lost the gold for the first time in his olympic career. For this olympics (most likely his last), he came back into the living rooms of America as he killed the halfpipe competition and won the gold with a tear jerking finale as he cried while holding the United States flag.

5. Lindsey Vonn’s Last Olympics

Lindsey Vonn unexpectedly returned to olympic competition this year after suffering injuries, and finished out her final olympics with a gold medal in downhill skiing.