Poke Hula Makes Waves in Little Rock


Poke Hula offers fresh and vibrant options to add to a bowl of Poke. (Photo by Molly English)

Looking for a new hip place to go eat with your friends and family?  Try out Poke Hula, the newest addition to downtown Little Rock.  They serve various types of Hawaiian bowls filled with rice, fish and veggies.  The menu offers five bowls with ingredients already selected, or you can build your own. When building your own, you choose a base, protein, various mix-ins, a sauce and any toppings.  The available proteins are chicken, salmon, tuna, shrimp, octopus or seaweed for a vegetarian option. The available mix-ins includes edamame, carrots, cucumbers, corn, onions and pineapple.  Each bowl is individualized and full of vibrant colors.

I recently went to Poke Hula for lunch, and the staff were all friendly. They explained how the ordering process works and walked me through the steps. If you are a first time customer, you receive a free beverage with your bowl.  When I chose my bowl, I ordered the seaweed and avocado, which is their vegetarian option, and added corn, edamame, carrots and sweet sesame soy sauce.  All the produce and options available looked and tasted very fresh.

With every visit to Poke, you can mix up your order by adding different toppings or changing the protein.  The sitting area is not optimal for large groups of people because it is  bar style,but it is convenient for a meal for two.  You can take the bowls to-go or order online so the food is ready before you arrive.  The restaurant is  looking into becoming a franchise, but right now are at two different locations. Next time you are in the mood to try a new and fun place, head downtown to get some Poke!