Crazy Rich Asians Provides Original, Romantic Movie


(From left) Awkwafina, Nico Santos, and Constance Wu walk arm in arm at a party at Wu’s characters boyfriend’s grandma’s house, setting the scene for the rest of the movie. (photo courtesy of the Inquirer)

Whether it was the luxurious lifestyle or the well-thought out music, many viewers loved the film Crazy Rich Asians.

In this movie, Rachel Chu played by Constance Wu, is invited to travel to Singapore for her boyfriend’s brother’s wedding. When she arrives she finds out that her boyfriend, Nick Young, played by Henry Golding, is one of the most eligible bachelors in Singapore from one of the richest families. Rachel deals with backlash from jealous socialites and Nick’s family.

A lot of romance movies tend to follow the same kind of story and blend together, but this movie stood out to me because it wasn’t like some of the same story lines I have already seen millions times in other films.

While the characters in many romance movies seem shallow, I think the Crazy Rich Asians characters were well-developed. The main character, Rachel, while still head over heels for Nick, has her own unique qualities and is independent. Her entire character isn’t just based on her relationship with her boyfriend. Nick Young, unlike most love interests, stands up for Rachel and is supportive instead of seeming fairly indifferent to her feelings. Though most of his family is very upfront with Rachel about their objections to her and Nick’s relationship, Nick continues to be unswayed by their opinions.The relationship between Rachel and her friend, Peik Lin Goh played by Awkwafina, provides most of the comic relief in the movie because of Peik’s energetic commentary.

The bright visuals that accompanied the movie made it really fun to watch. There were luxurious buildings, vibrant costumes, and beautiful scenes.

All together the movie was fun to watch and went beyond most romance movies with intriguing character development.