New Tiger Mascots Bring School Spirit Back to Students


New head football coach Kent Laster and junior mascot Adam Zornes hype up the student section at the pep rally at Quigley stadium on Sep.28. (photo courtesy of Earnest Mcgee)

With the football season a big push has come from the football team and new head Coach Kent Lastner to improve Central’s school spirit at athletic events. This includes new game themes, a revamp of the student section at football games, as well as a new mascot.

In the past, our school mascot has been chosen on a volunteer basis, but this year a new system was implemented. To ensure that a quality candidate was chosen, tryouts were held as a part of the cheer squad.

“In the past, someone has just asked to be the mascot and they were assigned to the postition,” cheer sponsor Lindsey Stanchak said, “This year we decided to hold tryouts and get the word out to the student body that we would have a mascot again.”

There were six students that tried out. They were asked to fill out a questionnaire about how they would improve school spirit and to show lots of school spirit throughout the process.

“Our new mascots are Junior Adam Zornes and Sophmore Giovanni Kittrell. We are very excited to have them as a part of the team,” Stanchak said.

These candidates showed the most school spirit and brought lots of energy to the process. They had new and creative ideas that will be implemented in upcoming football and basketball games, according to Stanchak.

“The mascots, like the cheerleaders, add a lot to the high school football and basketball game experience. Our goal is that they can promote spirit through entertaining and humorous skits with the crowd, that is part of the reason we went ahead and selected two mascots.” Stanchak said.