Hydrate or Diedrate! Back to School Apps Keep Kids Healthy


Alarm Clock for Me allows users to pick their favorite songs as their alarm. Fade in and fade out features eliminate the feeling of being suddenly awoken. While snooze options can be set, there are also options to prevent users from sleeping too late. Features requiring users to shake the phone or solve a simple math problem keep oversleeping to a minimum. (photo by Mollygrace Harrell)

Technology has become an active part of education both inside and outside the classroom. Apps such as Quizlet and Kahoot are staples for high school students, but there are countless other free apps that can help school life as well.

iHomework 2 is an organization app that allows users to save assignments and organize them by day, week, course, or due date. For students who do not regularly write in or check their physical calendars, the app sends reminders before assignments are due, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

Plant Nanny encourages users to take care of themselves by drinking sufficient amounts of water. This app calculates the amount of water a user needs daily, then creates a virtual plant that requires the same amount of water. As the user records water intake, the plant grows, and more plants can be planted.

      Breathe 2 Relax uses simple diaphragmatic breathing, a series of breathing techniques, to calm the autonomic nervous system. In turn, this aids in reducing stress and managing anxiety and anger. The app is compatible with Apple Watch, which can measure heart rate during meditation, but it is not required.

      Student athletes can use MyFitnessPal in order to keep track of food intake and calories. Users can log or scan barcodes of food items in order to save nutrition facts and count calories. Users can also count calories burned by choosing from pre-set workouts, logging cardio, or using the app to count steps.