Great American Cleanup Improves Environment, Benefits Economy

Students can contact event coordinator Norm Berner at (501)244-2229 or [email protected] if they are interested in volunteering at the Fourche Creek Cleanup Saturday, November 3. (photo courtesy of Keep Arkansas Beautiful)

For the past 40 years, Arkansas has promoted the Great American Cleanup throughout the months of October and November. The Keep Arkansas Beautiful organization (KAB) encourages Arkansans to host events by providing materials such as trash bags, gloves, tee shirts, and fliers and brochures for promotion prior to the event. People then gather to pick up litter, which may be either recycled or thrown away.

Last year, 6,000 Arkansans volunteered at the Great Arkansas Cleanup and collectively picked up 42,029 pounds of trash from various locations across the state, saving Arkansas and economic value of more than $1.6 million, according to KAB.

The Cleanup will feature an event in Fourche Creek on Saturday Nov. 3. Volunteers will assist in the “cleanup of Fourche Bottoms adjacent to the Fairgrounds and will make a connection to the Southwest Trail” (heartofarkansas).