Trail Blazers Paves the Way for a Successful Year


Junior Dillon Simmons leader of the Trail Blazers club at Central, leans over to pick up a piece of trash on their project to clean up our school campus. (photo by Gage Maris)

Gage Maris, Sports Editor

The Trail Blazers club is on its third year here at Central and is still forging a path into Central’s history.

The Trail Blazers have a new president who is bringing new opportunities to the club as well a the legacy of his brother who was the president last year.

“I am honored to carry on my brother’s legacy in this club and be able to serve our community,” new club president sophomore Matthew Thompson said.

The Trail Blazers take time to go to hiking trails around Little Rock where they pick up trash and do maintenance on these trails.

“I really enjoy giving back to the community and having fun at on of Little Rocks best attractions,” Thompson said.