Students Show Pride Through Student Section


The seniors gather in close for one last central hoorah for their final football season at central. (photo by Nico Heye)

Parker Gunn, Staff Writer

Thursday, November 1 came. Central would play Catholic in what would become the biggest sporting event for students for the year so far. This rivalry game is important for all students, to see what team will  have bragging rights for the year and to take home the Principal’s Cup.

For seniors, this game meant something different. This was the last Central High football game they would attended as current students. The seniors’ reign as student section leaders has slowly come to an end, as many reminisce on the four other home games they were able to attend.

“Being able to cheer on my team was an amazing experience. The turnout at the pinkout game was amazing because it was the one beautiful game where it wasn’t raining,” senior Natalie Fisken said.

The weather and the lack of home games was an issue in attracting large crowds for both home and away games all season. Every home game, excluding the pink out game, had bad luck when it came to weather. Even our Homecoming ceremony was moved into the gym due to rain. However, some students didn’t have an issue with it.

“The smaller groups have actually been more fun, as we can better connect as students,” senior Julia Greenfield said.

Now, as kick off approached for the Catholic High game, a cold front moved in and dark clouds appeared overhead, in what might become another rainy unfortunate game. However, bad weather didn’t stop Central students.

“Regardless of the weather, I think a lot of people will show up to the game because we are playing Catholic,” senior Vincent Jaworski said.

And he was right. The turnout was spectacular, with the largest student section we’ve had all year. Each grade was decked out between a cross of black and gold and the theme: rainbow. A brightly colored rainbow ‘Tiger Den’ sign could be seen hanging up on the wall below the students.

Seniors and the cheerleaders did an excellent job on keeping spirits high as Catholic ran up the scoreboard. You could hear the traditional ‘Can I get a roll call’ shouts after our three touchdowns, along with yelling and screaming from the students.

While the final score ended 21-48, with Catholic winning, it was a great way to end the football season. It was a unifying yet bittersweet game for the seniors, as they left Quigley Stadium after  their final football game as Central Tigers.