Student Rappers Hope to Gain Influence, Relate to Listeners


Senior Muhsin Sheikh maintains his rapping career while still attending school. In his artistic endeavors, Muhsin focuses on gaining more followers and influence within the rapping community. (photo by Casey Carter)

Soundcloud rappers have made a name for themselves at Central. They write and produce their own songs, and connect with their listeners through their beats and lyrics. No matter how people perceive their careers, they take themselves seriously.

“What I enjoy is when I make love songs,” senior Muhsin Sheikh said. “Because it’s more real and I love art, and love is art.”

Muhsin feels like he has a connection to his listeners, and he knows pretty well the demographics of who he’s reaching out to. He recognizes that his influence will grow as he grows older, and so will the influence of others.

“I’m so young,” Muhsin said. “Our generation is taking over soon, so it’s gonna be our world one day.”

Some of Muhsin’s favorite artists are Phil Collins, H.E.R, Maroon 5, J. Cole, and Lana del Rey. Muhsin draws inspiration from them and wants to continue his rapping career because he wants to be among the ranks of these artists.

“I wanted to be a star, like Michael Jackson,” Muhsin said. “Didn’t matter what genre I did, as long as my name is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

Muhsin is realistic though, and he realizes that he will have to make more money and acquire more fame at some point if he is to continue rapping. He knows his dreams may be fleeting if he doesn’t earn more influence somewhat soon.

“If I don’t get some clout when I’m a sophomore in college, than it’s a quits,” Muhsin said.

Muhsin said he’s performed live at places, such as parties. He really enjoyed this and said he thought that it was awesome. He also enjoys collaborating and sharing ideas.

If you wish to go listen to Muhsin’s music, his SoundCloud is @lil mozini.

Another rapper at Central is Sophomore Jonathan Coulter, whose rapper name is “Guwop”. This nickname became associated with him a few years ago, and since then most everyone calls him Guwop.

“Back in like eighth grade I used to always have money or get money, and people started calling it guap,” Jonathan said. “People would say he’s getting guap or he’s getting that guwop .and I just ran with it as my name. Since then, everybody’s called me it.”

Jonathan came to rapping in a common way, through freestyle. His friends and he would put on a beat and just start rapping to it.

“Everybody would hype me up,” Jonathan said. “They’d tell me to get in the studio until I actually did it.”

A couple of his favorite rap songs he’s written are “Dear Momma” and “I Don’t Know”. He feels like his listeners really respond to those songs and that he relates to them through these songs.

“I feel like I can give them certain feelings or comfort; like they can listen to “I Don’t Know” and know that somebody is feeling the same way they are,” Jonathan said.

Jonathan says that he usually raps about his life. He realizes that not all of his music is happy, and that sometimes life is sad, and he feels like he can connect to his listeners through this. His idols are Chief Keef and Slim Jesus, and he wants for his rapping career to make him famous.

If you want to listen to Jonathan, visit @Guwop on SoundCloud.

Some people almost look at the young rapping community as if it’s a joke, but these rappers take themselves seriously. They write about real problems and real successes in their lives, and they have fun doing it.