Date Ideas Provide Fun for Free


A group of friends gather for a board-game night at a home. Playing card games and hanging out is an entertaining way to spend time without spending big bucks. (photo by Lola Simmons)

Valentine’s day brings heartache for some and true love for others. Well, maybe not true love, but it can definitely bring romance. For those lucky enough to have a partner to share the day with, Central Arkansas can offer some memorable activities to engage in, whether a couple is going on a date night or just enjoying some time with friends. These “date” ideas can offer just as much fun, especially for those on a budget.


Arkansas is deemed “The Natural State” for a reason. There are many beautiful locations around Little Rock that would make for a great place for a picnic with your boo or a photoshoot with your pals.

Try hammocking or picnicking at Pinnacle State Park, Allsopp Park or Emerald Park. For an extra special time, try visiting at sunset. This makes for a beautiful view and some great pictures (especially because it is golden hour!). The Big Dam Bridge is a great place to take pictures and get a great view over the Arkansas River.

Explore Downtown

Another hot spot of activity is The River Market in downtown Little Rock. You can spend your time walking around and checking out the different stores in the area. For a bonus, go to the psychic that is on the strip and have her tell you your fortune. She may even tell you if the two of you were meant to be together.


Volunteering with your partner or friends is a great was to bond and make some memories. It is free and you are doing a good deed by helping others.

Some places that need volunteers include animal shelters, Arkansas Food Bank, Arkansas Dream Center, and other shelters. A quick google search should help you find a place you both want to help.


A fun activity to do with friends is to go to a used clothing store such as Goodwill and partner up. You and your partner should separate and look around the store for some clothes for each other to try on. The clothes can be something you think suits them or they can just be funny clothes you want to see them wear. Don’t let each other see what you picked until you go to the dressing rooms and swap. Seeing people in the clothes you picked for them is hilarious so don’t forget to take pictures. When you’re done, just put the clothes back or buy them if you actually like them.


If you were a connoisseur of Vines, short 6-second videos, before the app disappeared, take the day with your friends to remake a bunch of your favorite videos and make a compilation. Most of the videos have very little props and this is a good way to spend time having fun while spending no money.

Most teens don’t have a lot of cash laying around to spend for Valentine’s Day. Luckily, there are plenty of fun ideas that are free all around Central Arkansas. Even if you’re a single pringle, you and your friends can still have just as much fun.