Bakers Gonna Bake: Students Whip Up Wonderful Memories, Treats


Sophomore Joelle Fahoum prepares dinner for her family. She cooks jerk chicken with seasonings as an international trest. (photo courtesy of Joelle Fahoum)

Sophomore Joelle Fahoum

What kinds of foods do you like to bake? I cook a lot of meals for my family for dinner, from all kinds of cultures. I bake a lot more than I cook, and I love to bake pastries and cookies.


Where do you find your recipes? I find a lot of my recipes in cookbooks and from friends. My friend Libby also loves to bake, so we meet up to make recipes together. I also make family recipes that I learn from my grandma or mom.


What is your favorite part of the baking process? My favorite part about baking is seeing the processes that go into making all the foods I love. I also love to eat the foods in the end. It’s fun to bake with friends because making new things keeps you busy while also having a good time.


Sophomore Caroline McKelvey

What is your favorite pastry to bake?

I like to bake macarons. I love to make them in aromatic flavors like rose, lavender, and earl grey. I get rose water from Whole Foods and lavender buds from Williams-Sonoma to use for flavoring.


Do you only bake for fun?

I have actually started selling my macarons. My mom is a real estate agent, and her colleagues needed client gifts. I started making macarons for them, and then I made some for a baby shower. I bake them from home, and then people come and pick them up, or I drop them off.


What is the most difficult part about baking?

You can definitely get frustrated easily. If you mess up on something, it can be hard to keep your cool. I just blast ASAP Rocky and bake all day.


Junior Cierra Dillard

What kind of foods do you cook or bake?

I stick to a caribbean island taste; I do a lot of jerk chicken. I like everything to have a little spice to it.


What’s your favorite part about baking?

If I have something in the oven, the waiting is my favorite part. I also like coming up with the recipe while I’m doing it, just pulling ingredients out of the refrigerator or or off the shelf.


How long have you been cooking?

I went to my first culinary camp when I was seven. Ever since then, I’ve been cooking meals in my house. I learned from my grandmother and my mother. It’s had a