Tarot for Two: Cards Announce Valentines Predictions

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  • ONE: The Empress “The Empress” card is all about strong expression. It represents a rich and fulfilling connection between people, whether they are friends or in love. If you’re single, your soulmate may be right around the corner! If you’re already dating someone, your relationship will become fuller and more energetic, helping both you and your significant other learn and grow together. (art by Emily Low)

  • TWO: The Emperor Are you anxious about your relationship with your partner, or about asking someone out? Then this card is perfect for you! “The Emperor” is all about stability, and the long-term. You’ll meet someone you can truly be yourself around--or maybe you’ve already found that person! (art by Emily Low)

  • THREE: The Lovers An important decision about your romantic life is coming up, and it’s your job to make it. “The Lovers” card is about change, and the importance of knowing what you want. Whether it’s asking your crush out, or making it official with a special person, you should take the bold step forward and seize the day this Valentine’s Day! (art by Emily Low)

  • FOUR: The Wheel of Fortune While a lot of these cards are about making your own decisions, some ask you to give fate the chance to act on its own. “The Wheel of Fortune” is one of them. This card signifies positive change in your relationship or situation, so relax you hold on the reins of your life and let destiny guide you! (art by Emily Low)

  • FIVE: Death Woah! That’s a scary name. However, the card “Death” is, in a way, about rebirth--and change. The change can be good or bad, but whatever it is, it will be big, and you will recover gracefully from it. This may signal anything from a break-up that needs to happen to a crush asking you out first. Trust your fate to assist you in returning to normal after a huge event. (art by Emily Low)

  • SIX: Temperance Has there been conflict in your relationship? Or have you been obsessing over someone, unable to take your mind off them? Then you need “Temperance,” the card all about personal balance and level-headedness. The storm will calm soon enough, if you just keep calm and stay mentally and physically healthy. (art by Emily Low)

  • SEVEN: The Moon This card is all about secrets. “The Moon” represents your subconscious needs, things you want in your relationship that you haven’t been able to ask for. It’s time to address those needs, and have a heart-to-heart with your partner about what you both want out of this relationship, so that you both know what the other wants. (art by Emily Low)

  • The Sun “The Sun” is one of the most warm, positive cards in the deck, and represents a steady, excellent relationship in your future. Whether your own relationship grows more powerful, or whether you find a new love, this card shows that you have great things to look forward to in the future. Your future, like the sun, is bright! (art by Emily Low)

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Our futures–especially our future love lives–can be unsure, or even frightening. Whether it’s using the stars or a magic 8-ball, people have been trying to get glimpses of the future since the beginning of time. It’s up to debate how well any of these methods work, but one of the most popular and fun ways to get a glimpse into your future is by reading it on special “tarot” cards.

In a tarot deck, each card has a different meaning, one that informs or describes how you should (or did) behave in the past, present, and future. Most decks have a whopping total of 78 cards! The most important cards, however, are the 22 “Major” Arcana, which have the most to say about your fate. Most tarot readings ask the curious to pick three cards, which represent people, ideas, and events in their past, present, and future.

Since there isn’t enough space to fit all 78 cards, we’ve picked eight of the most love-related ones to give you some insight on your love life. Pick a number between one and eight, and then pick the card that matches the number to see what your future love life holds!

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