Lime Scooters Plague Streets of Cities


Using the Lime Scooter app, a number of scooters can be located nearby your location. Dozens of scooters can be seen in downtown Little Rock in the River Market. (photo by Lola Simmons)

Lime Scooters have plagued many streets in downtown in America, including the streets of Little Rock.

Lime Scooters are now located in over 80 cities according to Google maps. There is an app that you can use to locate the scooters. There is no surprise that the invention was based in Silicon Valley in California, where they are raising nearly $250 million dollars in San Francisco alone. The scooters are a success in small cities like Little Rock and bigger ones.

“They’re fun the first time but after a while they get boring,” Sophomore Hallie McGarry said.

However, there is one small problem with these scooters. Vandalism. According to multiple Reddit users, Lime scooters are extremely easy to steal and tear apart. People have been taking vandalizing the scooters as an act of rebellion against them.

Lime scooters are fun and games, however, with the crazy amounts that are on every street, they are getting somewhat overrated.