Queer Eye Season Three Brings Inspiration, Tears


Antoni Poroski, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, and Bobbi Berk show Jess Gilbeaux around her newly designed home. The 22 year old is the first lesbian featured in the show. Before the Fab Five showed up, Gilbeaux was forced to dropout of college and get a job when her parents kicked her out after she was outed to them. However, a Kickstarter fundraiser was launched and raised over $100,000 for her to return to college. (photo courtesy of NBC News)

Design, culture, grooming, food and wine, fashion.

The self-proclaimed “Fab Five” represent these qualities and so many more. The most recent season of the Netflix Original Queer Eye is the third season of this heartwarming and tear-jerking show.

Queer Eye is a spinoff of the 2003 Bravo TV series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The newest series features lifestyle makeovers of a variety of people from single dads to twin women business owners. Since the first episode aired in 2018, the five have been changing people’s lives for the better.

In the most recent season, the Five have done makeovers for a number of diverse people who are struggling with everything from their sexuality to recovering from a loss to their family.

This season is based out of Kansas City, Missouri with many of the contestants being local. When the Five first arrive to the home of their featured person, they begin by learning about the person and analyzing the best way to help them.

What makes Queer Eye so inspirational is the fact that these men teach people ways to improve various aspects of their life. Most of their advice proves to be universal and one can learn a lot about how to improve their own lives from watching the show. The Five teach people everything from how to create fresh, affordable, and fast meals to how to cope with stress, anxiety, and the hardships of life. Many of the people who they help out are people who are coping with a big changes in their lives such as death of a family member or personal struggles with sexuality.

Season three contains eight episodes, each with their own unique struggles and all with their own remarkable outcomes. One thing is for sure: each episode will definitely make you tear up, so keep your tissues handy!