Jung Kim Makes Return to Central


IT specialist Jung Kim helps teacher’s technical struggles with Central chromebooks. (photo by Emily Caldwell)

IT specialist Jung Kim has made a return to the halls of Central after graduating with the class of 2018.

“ I came back for the work and the experience,” Kim said, “ It’s pretty cool to get experience that easy.”

Kim got most of his technical skills from volunteering his time here at Central with the IT crew. Working full time at the school comes with a lot more responsibility now. However, he does not plan to keep this as a permanent job. Kim plans to pursue a college education and perhaps graduate school after some time here.  

“I have to constantly work to make sure that teachers can get their work done on computers. The good thing is I work with other IT specialists that are great to go to if I need any advice or answers to questions,” Kim said.

Kim aims to stay at Central for a while, but he knows that the amount of time he spends here depends on his college plans.

“I plan to stay at Central through my second year of undergrad and then I plan to move somewhere else,” Kim said.

However, if he is able to achieve a promotion at Central, he says he will be compelled to overlook college.

“If there was an opening at Central for an actual IT specialist, I would take it, and I would stay here because it’s a bigger opportunity,” Kim said.

As an official member of the Central faculty, Kim has the power of a teacher. However, as a previous student, he has the friendships of current students, which makes him loved among all.