Former Staff Member Continues Journalism at College level


Tiger staff alumni Pate McCuien stands in front of the columns at Mizzou where he is pursuing a journalism career. (photo courtesy of Amber McCuien)

After graduation, many former Tiger staff members enter the field of Journalism. Former Sports` editor Pate McCuien has taken this path and is now a Journalism major at Mizzou in Columbia, Missouri.

McCuien has been published in the Missourian, the local Columbian paper, KOMU, the local NBC affiliate, and Vox, a Columbia magazine publication, creating a major impact on his college campus and local community.

“The story of most impact that I have had was about the lack of allocation of funding for domestic violence shelters in Missouri. There was a lot of money that was set aside for this specific purpose, but was not being used. It was merely sitting in an account. We talked to government officials and shelters about the process. I was with a great team of reporters, and it was by far my favorite piece,” McCuien said.

With one more semester until graduation, he is looking towards what he will do next, which will be looking to join the workforce through an internship.

Although Tiger news is where he learned his first set of skills, Mizzou has taught him what it takes to be a journalist.

“Being on the Tiger staff got me accustomed to writing on a deadline, and pretty good at news writing itself. However, reporting at this scale and level of competitiveness was something I was not ready for when I first began working on completing stories for my interest area,” McCuien said. “Mizzou taught me that there is more to Journalism than writing news and feature pieces. It can be difficult. The only thing that helps reporting and creating large scale projects is doing the work.”