Quarry Trail Features Views of Nature Blooming


Seniors Jeremiah Williams and Evan Hankins-Hull enjoys the view from the top of The Quarry Trail which overlooks the Maumelle River. (photo by Lola Simmons)

The 2356 acre Pinnacle Mountain State Park has over 15 miles of hiking trails and even more trails for mountain biking. Just down the road iconic Pinnacle Mountain lies a lesser known gem: the Rocky Valley and Quarry Trail.

At about three miles long, these connecting trails feature beautiful views of the Maumelle River, rock formations, and even an old car hidden in the underbrush.

You begin your hike with views of the quarry lake water which is a radiant blue color. The trail continues as a dirt trail, which is mostly clear but also features the occasional mud puddle and a few rocks.

The trail takes about 90 minutes round trip even with stopping for the occasional water break and spending time to take in the views. The endpoint of the trail has a truly stunning view featuring the Big Maumelle River and other views of vast landscape.

The Quarry Trail is a great trail to enjoy on a sunday afternoon with friends as the weather warms up.