Distribution Day Causes Chaos, Excites Students


Hannah Berry helps distribute the 2018-2019 yearbook while other staffers, Carson Whaley and Alex Bullers mark off names of those who already picked up their yearbook.

Yearbooks are finally in! Distribution day is Wednesday May 15.

“I love distribution day,” junior yearbook staffer Alex Bullers said. “It’s always fun seeing everyone smile while they frantically search for themselves in the book.” That is the main lure of the yearbook, after all. Seeing if you beat your friends out for who was featured the most times.

When asked about his opinion on the day Roy Vaughn, yearbook advisor said, “Distribution day is a stressful time, but once the book comes out you get celebrated for the hard work that you’ve done all year long.”

Although Wednesday was hectic, the outcome is worth it when every student can go home with a  yearbook.