Odell Beckham Jr. Avoids Criminal Charge

The police officer who Beckham allegedly slapped on the butt claims that he will not press charges. 

The wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, was facing a misdemeanor charge of simple battery after he slapped the officer. This was in the LSU players’ locker room after they had moments before won the national football championship against Clemson. LSU ended the season victoriously with one of the best seasons of any school in college football history. Additionally their quarterback Joe Burrow won the heisman and had one of the best seasons for a quarterback in college football history. 

A video of this happening surfaced online and according to some reports, the officer was telling the celebrating players in the locker room to stop smoking their cigars then Beckham slapped the officer. 

A warrant for Beckham’s arrest was issued Thursday, three days after the incident occurred. On Saturday the officer decided to drop the charges on Beckham. Because the charge was not a felony, the New Orleans Police Department wasn’t involved in the decision to issue the warrant or drop the charges. 

Beckham is a native of New Orleans and played football for LSU from 2011 to 2013, until he was selected 12th overall in the NFL draft by the New York Giants.