Hit Different


SZA is releasing, nature is healing. The female R&B artist Solana, better known as SZA, is teasing a large music dump. After a small tussle with her record label, the artist took to twitter to express her frustrations of not being allowed to release, sparking the hashtag #FreeSZA.


 It didn’t take long for the label to give way. 


Fans have been surviving off of CTRL, her debut album, for three years, but now there is hope. Although the no-skip album has charted since its debut, “Hit Different,” her most recent single, is the perfect reintroduction. 


Before we even get to the song we are legally obligated to discuss the visuals. ARE YOU KIDDING? Solana’s first fully directed music video, an ode to self. It’s truthfully a film, with dazzling shots and an overarching story of longing. Every look is a ten, from the perfectly fitted orange tank and pants, to her simply covered in blood. SZA, adorned in an afro loosely covered by a cream colored cloth, is everything the world needs. Today’s music videos have lost the magic they once held, but artists like SZA are changing that. The choreography is next level, and aids in creating a story of longing. The sets, ranging from crowded junkyards to barren farmlands, are all equally amazing. In a heavenly, ethereal shot, parallel to the nativity scene, SZA is in a worn barn surrounded by animals. No matter what’s going on, she is the only thing the eyes can focus on.


Now onto the song. When Twitter first saw that there would be a male feature, hearts sank. Fans were so ready to hear some new SZA, and didn’t want some man ruining it, but should have trusted her judgement. The song is perfect! Of course SZA sounds amazing, and the lyrics are genius. Something to listen to the end of time. Ty Dolla $ign’s appearance on the song is simple, but still holds weight. SZA’s decision to keep him solely on the chorus adds so much depth to the single. The feature also reverses the roles; many female R&B artists only act as backup for their male counterparts in the rap genre. Women working in the genre are taking control of their sound. SZA has always been that girl and it’s apparent on this single. “Hit Different” really hits different.