Gun Violence Awareness Week Pays Tribute to Victims, Survivors

Dailon Tyler, a senior at Robinson High School and a dear friend to many Central students, passed away December 24, 2020, from complications with a gunshot wound. Sophomore Talia Tucker, who had grown very close to Tyler since 2018, continues to live out his legacy by continuing her education. 


“All he ever wanted to do was graduate,” Tucker said. 


February 1-7 is National Gun Violence Survivors Week (NGVSW). This week, America honors those who have been directly or indirectly affected by gun violence. The centerpiece for this week of remembrance is the Moments That Survive website, where people can digitally share their stories with one another. 


Tyler’s death is Tucker’s second time to be affected by acts of gun violence in just two years. 

“This is not the first time that I have lost someone close to me to gun violence. March 19, 2018, I lost my cousin, who was more like a sister to me,” Tucker said. 

Tucker talked to Tyler almost every day and enjoyed spending time around him. She remembered a movie night they had together one time. 

“When he first walked through the door he was smiling, that smile that I told you would light up the whole room. Or he would come over my house and act as if he was at home. Most guys would be shy in front of your parents, but he wasn’t. That right there should tell you he was a different breed,” Tucker said. “I just love how I was always just so comfortable around him. The memories will forever be cherished.”

Tucker said Tyler’s death impacted her in a significant way, because they had grown so close and told each other everything. 

“Dailon’s death hit ten times harder because that’s someone I talk to every single day. I wouldn’t say it didn’t change my life, because it changed my life forever, but what I will say is it changed the way I look at life. I don’t take anything for granted anymore,” Tucker said. 

This week, the school joins others across America in taking time to honor and grieve the loss of loved ones and families who are still being affected by such traumatic events. 

“Dailon, I miss and love you so much. You’re always on my mind, but forever in my heart. I’m praying for another lifetime just to see that smile again. Always us,” Tucker said. 

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