Smoother Than Butter: BTS Collabs With Megan Thee Stallion


The Remix of the Century dropped on August 27th and the world is reacting accordingly. As Armies (BTS fans) and Hotties (Megan thee Stallion fans) everywhere rejoice the release of the Butter Remix. The song is amazing. Megan is present early on in the song and remains heavily featured throughout. Megan’s verse is pure joy. On my first listen I recall screaming when she sang her first “Ah!” A key moment was when Suga and Megan rapped his original part together. The collab sparked a massive outpour of love from the fans and the hashtag #BUTTERREMIX to trend on Twitter. That’s not all the fans accomplished, $100,000 was raised in celebration of the remix that will be split between three organizations; Black Women for Wellness, Women for Afghan Women, and The Houston Food Bank are all receiving a part of the donations. The Armies and Hotties reached the goal in one day. The Armies have already released an official Global Goals list in hopes of increasing streams, and trust me they will reach their goals. The official visualizer has already surpassed 10 million views, and with a speculated music video and VMA performance on the way, the possibilities are endless. #TheBestRemix.