Spider Man No Way Home Trailer Review: Discussing Fan Theories


August 24, the long awaited trailer of Spider Man No Way Home was released, and Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans are going insane. Fans have been waiting for this since the final scene in Far from Home, when Spiderman’s secret identity was revealed by Mysterio/Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal). Mysterio made a video of Peter Parker/Spiderman (Tom Holland), and edited it so that it appeared that he attacked London, and killed Mysterio; making Peter look like a murderer and responsible for the damages to London. The story of the revealed identity dropped after Peter was back in America and was reported by the iconic John Johnah Jameson Jr (J. K. Simmons).


The trailer starts after the events of the last movie with Peter and MJ (Zendaya) lying down on a roof of a building. They are trying to escape the reality of being constantly ridiculed by the public because of the video released. In the background you can hear the faint first three notes of the sixties spiderman theme song. MJ is reading the latest newspaper with propaganda about Spiderman, and Peter is lying down listening to her joke around about it. 


In a clip of Peter in an interrogation room, he is being asked questions by the Department of Damage Control, who were present at the beginning of Spiderman Homecoming, they are in charge of cleaning up after the Avengers. We see a man walk in who is speculated to be Matt Murdock, from Marvel’s Daredevil. If it is him he would most likely be Peter’s defense attorney.


Then the scene cuts and looks into Peter’s life in school, and his social life after the identity reveal. We can see that life has changed drastically; he has all eyes on him. His school is now surrounded by protestors yelling profanities at him, some even have posters. One with devil horns calling him the devil in disguise. This poster reminds hard core Marvel fans of Mephisto. In the comics Mephisto is a very strong immortal demonic entity, with the ability to manipulate powers. Fans are speculating that this might be a hint into Mephisto joining the MCU. 


Peter gets the idea to go to Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) for help. Peter enters a frozen New York Sanctum asking Dr. Strange if he could change reality so that his identity was never revealed. The scene cuts to Wong (Benedict Wong) telling Dr. Strange not to do the spell, then jumps through a portal to what looks like another Sanctum. Dr. Strange doesn’t listen to Wong’s warning. 


The scene then cuts to Strange starting the spell and these rings appear around Strange. There are four rings, there also happens to be four different spider verses. A MCU ring, a Raimi ring, a Mark Webb ring, and maybe a Sony’s Carnage ring. Peter steps into the rings and starts to talk to Strange about the specifics he wants, like MJ, Aunt May, Ned, and Happy knowing his secret and things like that. For some reason this starts to cause Strange to lose control of the rings and break reality. 


As reality is seemingly breaking it looks as if it opens up to this void that seems to resemble the citadel that appears in Marvel’s Loki, a new TV show on Disney plus. This moment may be when people from alternate timelines start to cross over into the MCU timeline. 


The scenes then cut into clips of little teasers of villains for the sinister six showing up.  It shows sand and lighting, symbolizing Sandman (Thomas Haden Church) and Electro (Jame Fox).  The sounds of Green Goblin’s (Willem Defoe) glider can be heard, and his signature green bombs even pop into view. Then finally Doctor Otto Gunther Octavious, a.k.a Doc Ock (Alfred Malina), comes into view. 


In one scene Peter is holding what looks to be a relic from the Sanctum. It’s a box that fans think could be a prison used to hold these villains. In the trailer a clip of Peter in what could be the inside of that box, and the silhouette of the Lizard (Rhys Ifans) is seen.


This trailer gave fans so much, and yet so little. They were left on the edges of their seats, and very excited for the holiday season when the movie comes out. Fans will be able to watch from home on Disney Plus, and in theaters December 17.