Family Night Sparks Interest In Science Fair


Teachers discuss science fair topics with parents and students.

Evalyn Berleant, staff writer

Students, parents, and teachers met and discussed Science Fair at Science Family Night in the school library at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 23.

“Science Family Night is a great opportunity to talk to parents and my students about Science Fair,” chemistry teacher Lee Conrad said. “I always enjoy meeting the parents!”

In addition to Science Fair, seniors Nikoo Karbassi, Cindy Ye, and Evalyn Berleant represented the Computer Science Club. They programmed two Android apps to show to students who were interested in technology.

“With the Computer Science Club, we’re hoping to make coding seem more relevant to their lives,” Nikoo said.

At the event, several previous Science Fair posters and lab notebooks were on display.

“It was very helpful,” freshman Sakshi Garg said. “I learned about resources I can use to help me with my Science Fair paper.”

Parents and students could also discuss Science Fair with teachers who were stationed nearby.

“The kids who go to Science Family Night become leaders and point others in the right direction,” physical science teacher Vincent Gammill said. “I think it’s successful.”