From a Ukrainian: Why Russia Won’t Win

From a Ukrainian: Why Russia Wont Win

With the war in Ukraine reaching the two-week mark, Russia has yet to pull out of Ukraine. Because of the decisions of Vladimir Putin, thousands of people have died mercilessly: Russian and Ukrainian troops, civilians, and even children. Innocent citizens die and will continue to die every day if the violence in Ukraine does not end soon. 

How this will happen is unclear: diplomatically or violently, quickly or in several months’ time. It is clear, however, that Putin is facing much more resistance than expected. Ukrainian soldiers and citizens alike have shown great perseverance in their fight for their right to life, democracy, and liberty, all of which are being violated by Russia’s attempts to invade Ukraine. It is my hope, of course, for the sake of my Ukrainian grandmother, family, and all of Ukraine, that this war will end soon and without more tragedy than has already occured. 

Although the conflict continues on, it seems to me that Russia has already lost. It’s still possible that the Russian military could defeat Ukraine, but Putin’s belief that he could invade, conquer, and force Ukraine to become a part of Russia is arrogant and unlikely. I admire Ukrainians’ resiliency in the fight for their country and their people; it seems increasingly improbable that they will let Putin make Ukraine a part of Russia.  

Stories of Ukrainian bravery give courage to Ukrainians and the world alike, fueling their resistance further. They should inspire nations and people to help in any way they can. Countries need to provide weapons, establish sanctions against Russia, and accept refugees. Individuals can donate and stay informed. 

Being half-Ukrainian myself, I stand with Ukraine and know the rest of the world does too. 

Слава Україні

 (Glory to Ukraine) 

See the link below for organizations to donate to in support of Ukraine: