Tigers Claim Winning Streak, Prepare For Conference Games

Lauren Berry, sports editor

The Tiger football team has been killing the competition so far this season, and making history.

On September 9, the team celebrated their 800th win in Tiger football history in their first home game of the season.

The student section couldn’t have been better or more supportive and our boys knocked Bentonville West out of the water with a final score of 37-14.

The football team's offensive line gathers at scrimmage line for a play against Bentonville West.
The football team’s offensive line gathers at scrimmage line for a play against Bentonville West.

The next week, the Tigers brought the thunder again, but this time in West Memphis. Pulling out another win this puts the Tigers on an undefeated streak.

Although the W. Memphis game wasn’t a big milestone like the 800th win was, it does put the boys in a position with a 3-0 record, which hasn’t happened since 2006.

The winning streak could potentially take a major hit in the next few weeks as we begin conference play in our new conference (7A Central), but with the enthusiasm and dedication this group shows, they could pull through.

This new conference we’re playing in puts us back in the same conference as Catholic High, our long time rival from across town. This game is exciting both players, students, and high school football fanatics because it’s a revival of what used to be the most intense and exciting game of the season.

Our very own Quigley-Cox stadium celebrated it’s 80th anniversary on Sep. 18. On that day 80 years ago, the Tigers beat Catholic High 15-14.

We wish our boys good luck and keep our fingers crossed that they’ll keep their stamina for the second half of the season, and keep this amazing, historic season going.