Beautification Club Spruces Up Classrooms


Fran Delacey, staff writer

A ceiling lined with Pez dispensers, a wall of tiger stripes, paintings inspired by the books that students read in the class, and a quote that reads “If you are not willing to learn, no one can teach you; if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you!” This is the innovative décor of English teacher Shawna Shannon’s classroom.

“Ms. Shannon’s room is very exciting, and a great place to learn because of the colors and just everything,” junior Leen Abochale said.

Shannon also sponsors the Beautification Club.

“It’s a club where the members go into different classrooms around the school and make them prettier,” junior Olivia Boardman said.

Teachers have to raise $200, and then the club meets with these teacher and the club paints decorates their rooms, making them reflect the personalities of the teachers. History teacher Keena Vellance’s class is filled with flags and a world map. Math teacher Lori Schaaffhauser had her walls painted with her favorite shades of purple and has a mosaic window.

“I’m definitely hoping that we can grow more this year since last year was our first year trying the club,” Olivia said. “I just hope we can recruit more members and continue to branch out and get more teachers interested in us.”

Shannon decided to paint her classroom when she first got hired for the 2015-2016 school year.

“You would have to see the classroom before it was painted,” Shannon said. When I walked into the room, it gave me a heavy emotion. I knew I didn’t want my students to feel that way in here.”

The Beautification Club is looking forward to growing during the school year and decorating many more classrooms.